Zvezda Su-24 Soviet Front Bomber 1:72 #7265

Zvezda Su-24 Soviet Front Bomber 1:72 #7265


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The Su-24 is a highly effective, long-range, variable geometry wing bomber, which can employ conventional and nuclear weapons.

It is capable of using both bombs and air-to-surface missiles to accurately strike targets in all weather conditions.

The aircraft is also equipped with a six-barrel, 23mm GSh-6-23 or GSh-6-23M cannon with 500 rounds.

The bomb armament consists of free fall bombs ranging in weight from 100 kg to 1500 kg.

ē Schaal: 1:72
ē Lengte: 32,0 cm

Toebehoren: Plastic Modelbouw, Verf.

  • Fabrikant: Zvezda

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