Zvezda Bf-109 F2 1:48 #4802

Zvezda Bf-109 F2 1:48 #4802
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The Bf-109 F2 was adopted by the Luftwaffe in 1941.

Its armament consisted of MG-151 15-mm machine gun, which fired 950 shots/minute.

Its latest feature was the use of an electric drive for its engine overchargers.

Tropical variant of F-2 with complementary air filters was produced for front service, where dust created problems, both, on the North African battleground and in the South sector of the Eastern Front.

In the middle of World War II Bf-109Fs were operated by the most prominent pilots.

• Schaal: 1:48
• Onderdelen: 157
• Lengte: 21,0 cm

Toebehoren: Plastic Modelbouw, Verf.

  • Fabrikant: Zvezda

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