Zvezda Russian Battle Cruiser "Borodino" 1:350 #9027

Zvezda Russian Battle Cruiser \"Borodino\" 1:350 #9027
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The Borodino battleship is the lead ship among the 5 battleships of the Borodino Class, which had been intended to be the backbone of the Pacific Ocean Fleet.

In the battle of Tsushima the Borodino, having superceded the wrecked Imperator Alexander III ship, led the battle group virtually until the end of the day.

The commander maneuvered, attempting to cover the damaged flagship and carry out the Admiralís order to lead the squadron for a breakthrough to Vladivostok.

ē Schaal: 1:350
ē Lengte: 34,0 cm

Toebehoren: Plastic Modelbouw, Verf.

  • Fabrikant: Zvezda

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