Zvezda L-4500S Einheitskabine (German Truck) 1:35 #3647

Zvezda L-4500S Einheitskabine (German Truck) 1:35 #3647
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Since middle of WWII Germany had a shortage of metal, therefore a series of simplifications were introduced since 1943 in the manufacturing process of vehicles.

These resulted in a design change of the 4,5t heavy truck: front fenders made from simple metal sheets, cabin was made from plywood on wooden frame, front bumper and rear fenders were deleted.

This simple variant (called Einheitskabine) was manufactured until the end of war.

These trucks were in service even several years after the end of war for many civilian purposes.

• Schaal: 1:35
• Onderdelen: 274
• Lengte: 22.6 cm

Toebehoren: Plastic Modelbouw, Verf.

  • Fabrikant: Zvezda

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