Zvezda Carthagenian Numidian Cavalry 1:72 #8031

Zvezda Carthagenian Numidian Cavalry 1:72 #8031


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The Numidian tribes lived in North Africa and bordering on Carthage, made raids upon its territory from time to time if only the city hadnít paid them off beforehand.

The lifestyle of nomadic shepherds and cattle herders made the Numidians skillful horsemen.

The Numidians were noted for their amazing horsemanship.

According to the ancients, the Numidians were light horsemen fought almost without armor and were armed with javelins, short cold steel and small leather shield.

ē Schaal: 1:72

Toebehoren: Plastic Modelbouw, Verf.

  • Fabrikant: Zvezda

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